Our Story



It all started with a conversation at church. While talking to a friend who was interested in searching out his heritage, he discovered that he belonged to a tribe. He began to tell me about the tribe in detail and some of the character traits they had. I was so inspired that I thought, "someone should tell this story and it would be cool to make shirts about this or something." From that moment leaving the conversation the idea of gadtribe apparel was birthed.


From the beginning I wanted the message to be bigger than a "tribe of Israel". Although that is an important thing in itself I wanted a message that tied to uniqueness. There were 12 different tribes of Israel each distinct from one another. The tribe of gad were warriors, devout and skilled in what they did and believed. They were not ashamed of who they were at the core. So my message needed to carry something along the lines of distinction. Something that could reach everyone.

I wanted it to be something that inspired people to be true to themselves, down to the very core. So I stumbled around trying to find a way to do just that. I imagine the process is the same for most who are trying to develop a "language" for their idea.


Through the years I failed forward to get to where we are today. As I continued to create and learn I finally found the language I was looking for. Original is Authentic. Original to us means refusing to be a copy or imatation of something and Authentic to us means genuine and true. Therefore this statement for the brand would mean refuse imitation and remain true to yourself.

In other words we will not go out of our way to meet someone else's idea of who we should be. 


Someone once said you are at your best when you are authentic to your core! That is what we believe and strive to inspire people to reach for. As each of us is different in appearance, skill sets, and many other ways we should remain true to ourselves as we discover our sense of purpose. Perhaps you may create or impact the world in such a way that we may never see if you never dared to show up authentic. 

Thats why we inspire originality and authenticity in what we do as a brand. Be original and dare to show up authentic.


CEO & Founder

Joel L.